Paralegal Hope



Hope became interested in the law when helping a family member who was going through a contentious divorce. She taught herself how to complete judicial council forms and draft pleadings to help her family member reduce attorney's fees. Through this process she discovered a real love of doing legal research and crafting solid arguments. When the opportunity came for her to train as a paralegal under a seasoned family law attorney she jumped at the chance. Since then she has worked for several family law and civil litigation attorneys in the bay area.

Prior to working as a paralegal, Hope worked as a Human Resources professional for more than a decade. This background helped her easily transition into the role of a well-versed paralegal. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College and is a certified paralegal under BPC § 6450(c)(3).


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Hope understands the ebb and flow of a law practice so she makes herself available on a short term contract basis in order to help out just when needed.